Jason (loyaltyinmotion) wrote in millifortress,

OMG Idiots!

I'm hiding from morons.

Please, someone explain to me how spelling and grammar are simply beyond the reach of my generation? I realise that I'm far from perfect myself, but HONESTLY!
Oh, and to the mod of the fanfic site I just visited:
HOW can you send my work back because you didn't understand why I separated the different thoughts into different paragraphs, but you let in a fic with the following 'sentence':

"Albeit it was nasty but as I let it set in my mouth and as it slowly made its way down my throat I realized that the aftertaste wasn’t so bad, and I welcomed the warm numbing sensation that it caused as it settled in my stomach."

!!!!!Is anyone else cringing??!!!
That's quoted directly!!!

And that's only the tip of the iceberg people. There wasn't a sentence in that fic that would even make it through MS Word without a green line. Ask Archie-mun, she'll tell you!!!
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Watch me hide.

*snug* You don't want to get involved with a site like that, anyway.
They fear coherency, clearly.

*Offers tea*